We’re Montreal’s almost-all-female-band Pussy Stench. Despite our pungent name we are not about sex, we exist to write good music, have a good time and be loud!

We unexpectedly formed in October 2014 at the last Crobar anniversary and free booze show. Inspired by the local bands like Venomenon and Commercial Radio, (and maybe the beer as well) we decided to form our own band. With Grace Karam, Devan Kelly-Menard and Daniela Volovik on Guitar and Vocals, Jessy on Bass and David Fernandez on Drums, our music is a loud blend of grunge garage punk, with some hints of doom metal. We believe in crazy shows, crazy people and crazy music.

Embrace your inner stench.

Devan K-M: Guitar/Vocals
Grace Karam: Guitar/Vocals
Daniela Volovik: Guitar/Vocals
Jessy B: Bass
David Fernandez: Drums