When people ask us what genre we are, we usually use the term “orchestrated chaos”. We can’t put a finger on what we play because we don’t feel or want to limit ourselves to one specific scene or have set expectations from people. Obviously, our sound is focused on extremity and feedback worship, however we would not consider ourselves a metal or a punk band, but rather a bastardized combination of genres. We all pretty much have set ideas of getting away from pre-conceived “clichés” in extreme music. In terms of lyrics, I’d say that the human experience (and its internal/external recklessness) is the focus or “message’’ (song titles have nothing to do with lyrics). Sonically speaking, we are a heavy and generally pissed-the-fuck-off band but Offset is not some mindless medium for hate. We’ve been called “noise-core” and “psychosis-metal”, but to sum it all up, we see the band as simply being the end product of the music we feel like writing.

.Deafen your ego.

Paulo went to school with Liem, and they both sort of had their distinct taste in music at the time. Tyler then met Paulo at a summer camp several years ago. Julien met Tyler after a coincidental turn of events at their music conservatory. We had a previous drummer before, but I would say our intended sound was only really refined and perfected when Paulo joined the band. We’ve practically all known each other since the 8th grade and starting a band seemed like the logical thing to do.

Influences (they’re always changing): Converge, The Locust, Choking Victim, Primitive Man, Bastard Noise, Swans, Idylls, Dystopia, Pg 99, Sleep, Full Of Hell

(Paulo’s jams) Bee Gees, Weird Al, Tenacious D


Liem Morrell: Vocals

Juju Levesque: Bass

Bluntnose Wizard: Guitar

Paulo the Jumbo Shrimp: Drums