GrimeyMTL proudly presents the first ever edition of RobFest, a Three Day Festival showcasing crobar locals’ Music and Live Painting as a tribute to the life of our friend Bubs, and the passion, spirit, and pride he instilled in all of us.

RObFest 2016


The festival will take place from March 11-13 at none other than Crobar. There will be music happening downstairs, painting happening downstairs and/or upstairs, aswell as La Tire (Mapple Taffy) being served upstairs on the terrace.

TICKETS :: 5$ for a Single Day Pass / 12$ for Weekend Pass
*Proceeds will go to Rob’s Daughter and Grandson.*

A GofundMe has been setup for donations by those who are out of town or can’t make it. Follow this link if you wish to donate:

To View the Full Event, click the link below:

GrimeyMTL Presents: RobFest 2016

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